Hubs and Club Development

Stirling Hub – Autumn Programme

Full details of upcoming activities at the Stirling Hub can be viewed in the attached flier.

Stirling Hub_Oct – Dec Session Flier 2017

Stirling Hub – Pentathlon Camp and Events

See attached flier for details on the upcoming camp and events.

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Formal agreements are now in place with Hubs in Aberdeen (Scottish Saltires) and in Stirling to deliver an agreed programme of events through the year, while discussions are at an advanced stage with two further Hubs to come on track in the next few months.

It is hoped that the activities within each Hubs will serve to help grow and support the sport and lead to further expansion of the network of Hubs in the future.

The programme in Aberdeen for 2017 – 2018 features:

• Weekly swimming sessions (Tuesdays) coached by trained coaches
• Weekly laser and Fencing sessions (Fridays) utilising qualified fencing coaches
• Runs regular Biathlon competitions, for beginners and those familiar with the disciplines
• Stages a number of Laser / Run events
• Hosting a Biathlon qualifier (for Scottish Championships ) in November 2017
• Identification, for possible purchase, of new equipment for the Hub and possible loan to athletes for training and competition purposes

Contact Trish Prise (email:

And for Stirling, the programme, based at the University of Stirling:

• Weekly Laser, Fencing and Conditioning sessions, ideally as a single combined delivery along with swimming and running. Duration around 4 hours
• Biathle training sessions, leading to a Biathle competition
• Biathlon competitions, for beginners and those familiar with the disciplines
• Deliver a winter Laser / Run series (Combined Event)
• Host a Modern Tetrathlon Training event, as preparation for the Scottish Championships
• Host a Laser Training Course for Coaches, attracting local volunteers as new Coaches

Contact Billy Mitchell (email:


Any athletes interested in or already training or competing in pentathlon should contact: with their name, Post Code and interest/involvement in the sport.


Any coaches currently coaching or interested in coaching one of the five Modern Pentathlon disciplines (fencing, running, swimming, riding or pistol-shooting) as part of Scottish Pentathlon should contact: with their name, Post Code and interest/involvement in the sport.


The key focus of Scottish Pentathlon will be on building a strong Development Pathway that is inclusive and is “a sport for all”. Our development plans support athletes from across the grass roots swim/run route and from Pony Club Tetrathlon who aim to develop their interest and skills to achieve their own goals and reach their potential performance level.

To help harness and produce top quality pentathletes to perform at a high level and enable them to reach their full potential, the pathway will be modelled upon similar examples in top performing pentathlon countries and be adapted to suit the needs of Scottish Pentathlon.

Our key outcome will be to close the gap between grass roots participation and elite athletes and improving the ‘middle part’ of the pathway through development and increased competition.

We will do this by encouraging athletes that compete at Biathlon, Triathlon and Pony Club Tetrathlon to progress into Pentathlon and participate in Scottish Pentathlon events and club competitions.


Anyone wishing to become a member of Scottish Pentathlon, must do so through the Pentathlon GB website/membership page(s) and will automatically become a member of Pentathlon GB as well as Scottish Pentathlon.

Pentathlon GB will also act as the Data Controller for Scottish Pentathlon and be responsible for all related data collection and management.

Please click the link below to access the Pentathlon GB Membership page(s);