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Stirling Hub – Programme Update

On behalf of the new Stirling Hub and co-ordinator Billy Mitchell, Scottish Pentathlon is pleased to be able to announce the outline programme for the newly established Stirling Hub for Modern Pentathlon

These activities will run from September to December and have been made possible through the support of Scottish Pentathlon and the University of Stirling.There is further information below on weekly training sessions, a training camp, competitions and a calendar of events, to help with your planning.

For further information please contact Billy at:

1 Weekly training sessions

There will be 10 multisport training days (8am – 2pm), with the option of focus on Modern Pentathlon or Triathlon (Swim Bike Run). From 8 – 10am Pentathletes will have fencing and laser sessions, while Triathletes will train in the spin studio and conditioning suite. All athletes then come together for swimming (sessions 3 – 10) and running, on the University track. The first two sessions will have no swimming, in order to have longer sessions of fencing and laser. Triathletes will cover extra running, testing and introduction to weight training in these two weeks. Coaching in Running, Swimming, Conditioning and Laser will be led by myself and Fencing will be led by local coach, Robert Blackburne. We will have specialist guest coaches join us as required. Laser and fencing equipment will be provided. More details will be posted on the Stirling Pentathlon Facebook page. soon. Cost will be £25 for a single session (day) booking, or £100 for 5 sessions. If you attend all 10 training days, you will have free entry to the Modern Triathlon on 17 December. Athletes will have the option to access bespoke training programmes to help them meet their goals – fun, fitness, participation and performance.

2 Pentathlon Camp

A five day non-residential camp, with sessions in Fencing, Laser, Running, Swimming and Conditioning. I’m happy to discuss accommodation options with parents or individuals. More details will soon be posted on the University website and on the Stirling Pentathlon Facebook page.

3 Competition Programme

To give all the training a purpose, Laser run, Modern Biathlon and Modern Triathlon competitions will be held at the University of Stirling on the dates given below. The events will be tailored to suit total beginners, but experienced athletes are welcome – to show the newcomers how it’s done properly 😊 Further details will be announced shortly, including how to enter, on the Stirling Pentathlon Facebook page.

4 Weekly laser taster sessions

These will be held in the Swimming pool meeting room 6.30 – 8.00 on each Wednesday in September, (before Stirling Tri Club Swimming) and will be free of charge. Due to the size of the room, we can only take 10 athletes each week (adults and children aged 8+), first come, first served.

Date Activity at Stirling University Other Activity / notes
10-Sep Pentathlon / Tri Training
17-Sep Pentathlon / Tri Training
24-Sep Pentathlon / Tri Training
01-Oct STC Tri Camp (Arran)
7&8 Oct Tetrathlon Camp (Kilgraston)
9 Oct – 13 Oct Pentathlon Camp 5 day Camp, non-residential
14-Oct Laser Run Competition
15-Oct Pentathlon / Tri Training Morning
15-Oct Biathlon Competition Afternoon
22-Oct Pentathlon / Tri Training
29-Oct Pentathlon / Tri Training
05-Nov Saltires Biathlon (Qualifier)
12-Nov Pentathlon / Tri Training
19-Nov National Tet Champs (tbc)
26-Nov Pentathlon / Tri Training British Biathlon Champs
03-Dec Pentathlon / Tri Training
10-Dec Pentathlon / Tri Training
17-Dec Modern Triathlon Competition

Development Squad Session

The next session for members of the Development Squad will take place on Sunday 20 August, but at Strathallan School, not Kilgraston as initially advised.

Further details and information for the day will be circulated to squad members from the Development Coach in due course.

New Hubs

Formal agreements are now in place with Hubs in Aberdeen (Scottish Saltires) and in Stirling to deliver an agreed programme of events through the year, while discussions are at an advanced stage with two further Hubs to come on track in the next few months.

It is hoped that the activities within each Hubs will serve to help grow and support the sport and lead to further expansion of the network of Hubs in the future.

The programme in Aberdeen for 2017 – 2018 features:

• Weekly swimming sessions (Tuesdays) coached by trained coaches
• Weekly laser and Fencing sessions (Fridays) utilising qualified fencing coaches
• Runs regular Biathlon competitions, for beginners and those familiar with the disciplines
• Stages a number of Laser / Run events
• Hosting a Biathlon qualifier (for Scottish Championships ) in November 2017
• Identification, for possible purchase, of new equipment for the Hub and possible loan to athletes for training and competition purposes

Contact Trish Prise (email:

And for Stirling, the programme, based at the University of Stirling:

• Weekly Laser, Fencing and Conditioning sessions, ideally as a single combined delivery along with swimming and running. Duration around 4 hours
• Biathle training sessions, leading to a Biathle competition
• Biathlon competitions, for beginners and those familiar with the disciplines
• Deliver a winter Laser / Run series (Combined Event)
• Host a Modern Tetrathlon Training event, as preparation for the Scottish Championships
• Host a Laser Training Course for Coaches, attracting local volunteers as new Coaches

Contact Billy Mitchell (email:

Foundation Level of the Equality Standard

The Board of Scottish Pentathlon is pleased to advise that the Governing Body has recently achieved Foundation Level of the Equality Standard.

This followed an in depth assessment of policies and procedures across the organisation and the sport, which identified the following strengths:

 The Board and Chair are committed to the principles of equality and to ensuring that the sport is open and accessible to all
 Scottish Pentathlon has fully embraced the Equality Standard and worked diligently to meet the criteria, putting in place an up to date Equality Policy
 Equality training has been delivered to all Board and staff members as part of the SGB’s away day annual event
 The SGB are clear about their focus areas for equality and are realistic in terms of what is feasible to deliver within the budget available

Scottish Pentathlon will continue to ensure Equality is embedded across the sport and:

 Ensure that the Equality Policy is dated and annually reviewed
 Ensure that the SGB continues to communicate its commitment to equality to clubs and retain equality as an agenda item on all future Board meetings
 Consider how greater diversity at Board level can be achieved going forward
 Consider how activities can be made more accessible through the club hubs going forward