Equality Standard Assessment – Foundation Level

The Board of Scottish Pentathlon is pleased to advise that the Governing Body has recently achieved Foundation Level of the Equality Standard.

This followed an in depth assessment of policies and procedures across the organisation and the sport, which identified the following strengths:

 The Board and Chair are committed to the principles of equality and to ensuring that the sport is open and accessible to all
 Scottish Pentathlon has fully embraced the Equality Standard and worked diligently to meet the criteria, putting in place an up to date Equality Policy
 Equality training has been delivered to all Board and staff members as part of the SGB’s away day annual event
 The SGB are clear about their focus areas for equality and are realistic in terms of what is feasible to deliver within the budget available

Scottish Pentathlon will continue to ensure Equality is embedded across the sport and:

 Ensure that the Equality Policy is dated and annually reviewed
 Ensure that the SGB continues to communicate its commitment to equality to clubs and retain equality as an agenda item on all future Board meetings
 Consider how greater diversity at Board level can be achieved going forward
 Consider how activities can be made more accessible through the club hubs going forward