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Our aim at Scottish Pentathlon is to encourage athletes of all ages and abilities to participate and most of all to have fun. Our intention is to continue to build upon the aims and achievements of 2019 – 2023 (as set out in our long-term strategic plan) and to further develop the sport across Scotland during 2023 – 2024 in our progressive and inclusive way, steadily establishing the sport for future generations.

Scottish Pentathlon has made solid progress through the hard work of the Board, our Hub Co-ordinators, coaches and volunteers, with an agreed athlete pathway and competition programme now in place.

There is more to come, however and with the support of our partners at sportscotland and Pentathlon GB we can be confident of maintaining progress ”to establish Modern Pentathlon as a leading multi-sport in Scotland.”

With the continued support of sportscotland to support investment to Scottish Pentathlon at current levels, the Board has now put in place an operational plan to act as our guide. Delivery of the plan and achievement of the targets set out in the plan will put Scottish Pentathlon in a good place to consider a new application to sportscotland for the 3-year cycle 2025 – 2028, for submission in Autumn 2024.

Our vision,
Building a strong Development Pathway that is inclusive and is a sport for all