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Athlete Pathway

SP will continue to work with PGB and sportscotland to develop and finalise the athlete pathway and commit to the implementation and communication of the pathway to athletes/parents through the Hubs and the revised Development Group, with support from SP for volunteer recruitment, kit provision & maintaining and developing partnerships.

We will also activate the laser run coaches already qualified and identify opportunities for further coach development with support from PGB.

Development Group

The athlete Development Group (DG) has been re-established and 17 athletes have accepted their place on the Group. The first get together was held on Sunday 10 November 2019 when the athletes and their parents learnt more about the role of the DG and future support available (eg: extra coaching, mentoring and preparation for events) to encourage engagement. The DG will be aspirational for young athletes and will provide additional support to athletes on the pathway in line with the stronger pathway emerging at PGB.

The list of athletes on the Group can be viewed here: DG_AthletesList_2019 – 2020

Competition Schedule